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  1. May 28 2017World jam feat. nuno1959 on bassTrack # 107070

    Not fit for consumption !

    nuno1959by nuno1959
  2. December 12 2016World jam feat. nuno1959 on bassTrack # 92480

    Let's Dance..

    nuno1959by nuno1959
  3. December 12 2016World jam feat. nuno1959 on bassTrack # 92479


    nuno1959by nuno1959


Artist/designer/hobby musician AND die hard motorcyclist born & living in Portugal, picked up the bass again in 2013 after stopping for almost 20 years - what was i thinking ?? i'm having a ball… ;-)

One word of caution : I'm NOT good at recording & mixing - it's NOT ''my thing''..
Meaning, unlike others here who REALLY ARE Masterful at it & produce what i consider Album ready productions, i use recording as a sketchpad, a way of ''writing down ideas'' which otherwise would be lost…
Usually my approach is - find a mix i like & moves me to add to it, i play with it 2 or 3 times to establish where are the different parts, the vibe/tone & then i press REC...
By the 2nd to 3rd take at the most, it's done. This means there are some slip-ups & ooops moments here & there but the basis is there if needed for future development - when jamming i'm not terribly precise at first, only after practicing a good bit..
basses :

- 2nd hand 1997 Status Graphite S1 Classic Deluxe bass

bass amps :

- 2nd hand Eden Nemesis RS410 320W combo, the synergy with my Status is perfection.

- 2nd hand Epifani UL501, 850W@4Ohms, Class A/B amp + Epifani T310 cab, 750W@4Ohms

effects :

- Eventide Pitchfactor, TC Electronic Nova System effects, a Boss FV-50L volume pedal, Mad Professor Snow White Bass Auto Wah, Eventide Timefactor & a switch box custom made by Domink Schmuker of DS Custom pedals in Germany which allows via some clever circuitry, allows changing the Pitchfactor from 1st place in my signal chain to 2nd place & the TC Nova System from 2nd to 1st - this allows me to use the Nova System's AWESOME analogue distortion AND pitch shift it after if i want to, plus set the tap tempo as needed.
All pedals will change patches simultaneously via a Tech21 MIDI Mouse..

Basically my pedalboard has taken a life of it's own & i've lost control over ''my Frankenstein''…. Grin

It's a biggish unit but the beauty is that setting up is down to plugging in 4 cables & switch on 2 power switches - 5 minutes & am ready to play !!

wishlist :…..oh my…..SO MANY toys, so little ''time'' ($$) Wink
recording devices
SPL Crimson audio interface, 2013 iMac 27'' & GarageBand - when i get some more experience i might try Logic although i REALLY don't see the need for my purpose :
I have GarageBand set in a way that with 3 or 4 clicks i'm recording, BOOM , done !! Now… spend hours finessing individual tracks ?
As much as i DO admire those who know & do it, i have no patience - i just want to play & not loose ideas Wink
November 6 1959

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