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🌑 Days Like These 🌑
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  1. October 19 2020
    Pop remix by tullicbr feat. rp3drums Track # 201008
    Autumn Sunrise~
  2. May 25 2020
    Rock remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 190929
    Liquid Metal
  3. May 20 2020
    Rock remix by Carpenter feat. rp3drums Track # 190557
    What Crisis...?
  4. April 05 2020
    Pop remix by jaeusm feat. rp3drums Track # 186397
    Vintage Hop
  5. March 10 2020
    Metal remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 184133
  6. November 16 2019
    Metal remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 176130
    Ethereal Lightness of Jamming
  7. November 16 2019
    Metal jam feat. remix by rp3drums on Drums Track # 176091
    Ethereal Lightness of Jamming
    by YoWild & rp3drums
  8. November 11 2016
    Unplugged remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 89305
    ✥ A home to someone ✥
  9. November 08 2016
    Unplugged remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 88988
    ⏂ Days Like These ⏂
  10. August 10 2016
    Country remix by JDF feat. rp3drums Track # 80486
    My True Love
  11. July 27 2016
    Folk remix by Ernie440 feat. rp3drums Track # 79289
    ~ A Little Sunshine ~
  12. July 18 2016
    Punk-Rock remix by JDF feat. rp3drums Track # 78537
    Black Flag Day

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I pride myself on having my own style of drumming. My goal is to make a song sound better by being part of the song and understand what is going on. I like to add a drum line that not only fits, mixes well and sounds good, but is somewhat unique... I am a songwriters drummer, because I myself like to write...I want to make everyone else sound better...afterall I control the time! Grin

my major influences are:

Don Famularo
Benny Greb
Roger Taylor
Omar Hakim
Phil Collins

& Charlie Watts Cool


drum sticks:
Vic Firth, Steve Gadd Model


August 14 1968

User stats:

public Uploads: 755
Fans: (received thumbs)9,470
given thumbs: 6,605
written Comments: 3,472
Forum posts: 110
received Remixes: 2,408
total plays:2,360,673
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