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  1. April 24 2018
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by wjl on Bass Track # 136377
    HD bass re-upload of "The Game"
  2. April 16 2018
    Reggae jam feat. remix by wjl on Mixer Track # 135680
    Reason to live (Shout it out) Remix
  3. April 15 2018
    Reggae jam feat. remix by wjl on Bass Track # 135506
    Reason to live (CT bass by wjl)

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Hi all,

my name is Wolfgang, and I used to be a bass player when I was younger. Was in the studios with 19, but later (like with 25 or so) gave it all up because I was the proverbial starving musician.

After half a lifetime in IT, I bought a bass guitar again last year - always wanted a fretless one, and now I have it. Looking forward to contributing something here, but at the moment I'm still listening and enjoying how great *you* all are.

for more infos please consider visiting my blog at http://wolfgang.lonien.de/
for photos please consider looking at my Flickr photostream at https://www.flickr.com/photos/wjlonien/


Bass, a bit acoustic (nylon) Guitar, our daughter also has a (n electric) piano, and a horn, and a recorder. Oh, and egg shakers of course.

recording devices

PC (Linux), Focusrite interface, Røde microphone (voice overs for training videos I've made, no singer), bass guitar, sometimes a MIDI keyboard


February 18 1957

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