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well I wouldn't do it it but had no takers.
A guitar player playing Bass--Jail me now!!!!!

Wished some of you real bass players would lay a killer track
down so it would snare a drummer to play, and strum a guitar player upside the head to lay some killer (snap snap)rhythm track
and organinize the thoughts of Joe or Stef to Hammomndize this
and some Horn(s)Section too!


April 17 2017 18:48:10
very cool Gemmy...

April 16 2017 11:35:23
What!?!?! Demarcation brother - there'll be repercussions for this!

Seriously though, great job even if it's a bit depressing you clearly don't need us bass players after all :)

April 15 2017 14:56:15
really beautiful song Jim B)
+1 April 15 2017 16:29:14 seriouss GemmyF
Thanks Oliver, glad you got you safety googles on it dangerous out here!B)
April 15 2017 17:01:12 seriouss seriouss
Safety googles?? Jim, you're talking in riddles to me. :o
April 15 2017 17:03:51 seriouss GemmyF
Yes I am obtuse in my speaking--just ask my wife. Was refering to the safety google emogee!
April 15 2017 19:50:41 seriouss seriouss
well, does not matter I can try to use my imagination :)
April 15 2017 11:01:28

April 15 2017 03:14:36
Another super work Jim !! Great song :) :)
+1 April 15 2017 04:49:25 frankyguitar GemmyF
Thanks FrankyG Appreciate it!
April 15 2017 01:16:07
Hands down Gemmy. Just for the record, can you play the Didgeridoo as well? In one way or another it reminds me at the Zeppelin's song All of my love. Probably it's the ambiance or otherwise the text.
+1 April 15 2017 04:34:56 Blueberry GemmyF
I got two logs of an eculiptus tree(which the Aborigines make the Didgeridoo from) but No, NO plans to play that one! I love the "All of my Love" Zep song! Haven't heard it in a loooong time but used to listen to lots of zep.
April 14 2017 22:46:42
Well, Jim, your bass lines are very, very good!

April 14 2017 22:06:13
Actually the bass sounds really good, nice one, lovely tune Gem! :)

April 14 2017 21:23:30
💡 I'll have a go as well ;) 💡 But i give you B+ for the line ;) <3
+1 April 14 2017 21:26:37 eGiL GemmyF
on an acoustic bass might move me up to B++ for manipulated tone!
April 14 2017 21:27:12 eGiL eGiL
A- !! ;)
April 14 2017 21:29:01 eGiL GemmyF
Kind of has that Lou Reed "Take a walk on the wildside" feel --- so much R&B and Soul/DooWoop influence in NYC back in those days(that this emulates)(NO RED FLAGS PLEASE)
April 14 2017 21:00:16
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Gemmyf
+1 April 14 2017 21:02:54 francisco al GemmyF
Thanks Francisco!:D

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