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I begun to fiddle with Mahavishnu Orchestra's You Know You Know -piece, but in the end only a couple of chords survived into this piece of mine


Thank you for your inspiration
November 17 2017 00:07:58
Caroljoyce Wah jossep thank you for this ! Really enjoy this kind of stuning sutfffff ! +0
Wooow Petri your atmospheres!!+1
Calm and peaceful piece. I love it. ❤️ May be the guitar is a bit too low... don’t you think so ? very beautiful petri. :D+1
November 15 2017 22:04:02
PetriHaapa OMG, I just wondered that if it's too loud and in front of everything... +1
November 15 2017 22:15:56
Caroljoyce can be a little bit stronger. not too much. I would hear the piano as an accompaniment instrument to the guitar and not the opposite as here ... but I love this piece. I encourage you to do more tracks like this one and to share here. :Dwhat is the key of this piece? +1
November 15 2017 22:28:37
PetriHaapa Not sure, but I soloed thinking it was a b minor song. Chords are bm7 and A7 throughout the song +1
November 15 2017 22:32:53
Caroljoyce Minor key, ok that's why i'm in love with your music today... thank you very much for this answer. +1
still recognizable,
but very beautifully said in your own words, petri mclaughlin!
I deliberately left the bass out. I had a bassline, but It resembled so much my source of inspiration that I left it out. It might be completely different, but I'm not a bassplayer and therefore not entirely familiar with that instrument+0
November 17 2017 00:09:47
Caroljoyce Thanks for sharing your favorite song. I’m glad to know this now. :D +0

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