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In the C part lots of room for woodwind, brass, a harp, a classic guitar, a piano .........even a rubber duck I think.Sorry for the mistakes and sloppy playing,at least it proves I didn't uploaded some demo from a library :)
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My heart is crying when listening to this. Thanks a lot John I was waiting for Jypeka for the previous one....
oh my ! I m listening to this one when writing. What a beauty. Slow tempo is really beautiful....<3<3
July 30 2018 23:29:08
fanne Merci Agnes!glad you like it!you indeed must be a celtic addict! +1
July 30 2018 23:45:08
Caroljoyce Yes I truly am. <3 I've almost found something for this one (for the celtic calm part only so that to settle the track). I don't know why : Inspiration came easier tonight.(But, I'll have a second try for the previous one, perhaps, it was not a good day the last time I tried it). My celtic harp is so happy to play with you. :D +1
July 30 2018 23:49:37
fanne looking forward to your ad Agnes! +1
July 30 2018 23:53:06
Caroljoyce Yes, I'll record it very soon for you. +1
a awesome composition fanne...;););)+2
July 30 2018 23:13:17
fanne Thanks slin!like your comment very much! +1
GREAT <3 ;o)+2
July 30 2018 23:12:34
fanne Thanks Ulo!you can sing in gaelic too?.....if so........ +1
This makes me think of all the girls I manipulated with Enya tapes... and that time I woke up under a bench.... great, great track!+2
August 01 2018 09:22:02
fanne Thanks Dr,you wanne know all places I woke up...? +0
Such beautiful work here. I like the way it progresses from exotic to celtic to orchestral and back again but more intense. This is fantastic !! :)+2
August 01 2018 09:18:01
fanne Thanks Rob always glad when you like it! +0
Wow, this is amazing... even with all the variety, everything still has the same beautiful feeling :) and to be honest, this music shouldn't be made for movies, movies should be made for this music!+2
August 06 2019 23:08:00
Zuleikha L
fanne The nicest comment I've ever red Zuleikha! Thanks! +1
Wow! what a great soundtrack this would make:)+1
July 30 2018 23:45:44
fanne Thanks Pete!thanks for listening and nice comment! +1
the movie is missing !! Wonderful work, luxury soundtrack! :)+1
July 30 2018 23:41:54
fanne :) Thanks Glez! :) +1
superb ! lovely orchestration with great arrangements ! i'd appreciate some kind of description of the piece ;) i can easily hear nylon ?+1
July 30 2018 23:40:25
fanne Thanks Oli! a reject piece from a project I did,80% made it to the final score and got recorded properly,this one didn't...can't complain.Messed it up a bit so it can start a new life here :) +1
this is so elegant fanne :) a very moving and evocative piece :) a beautiful sadness+1
July 30 2018 23:23:09
fanne Thanks Shi,your much too kind.......but I like it :) +1

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