Time to live and time to die

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United States
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solozolo1658 jams
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Fantastic SoloZ<3
Touching lyrics..great mix:)
There’s a time to live there a time to die
All you have to do is wait wait on time
As the time passes you by then you relies
There’s a time to live and a time to die
But as I open my eyes I can see
I can see the horizon over there shining down back at me
There’s a time to live and a time to die
They say that rivers run for miles and miles
You can only run so long
And you got to rest a while ….You’re not like the river
River river at all
There’s a time to live and a time to die
Just a matter of time it a be your time
So enjoy yourself each and every day
And don’t worry it a soon be there
You be like the river running for Miles
Then all of a sudden you’ll die
There a time to live and time to die
There a time to live and time to die
Open your eyes and look around
As you lay there beneath the ground looking up to the sky
You have finally figured out you died
Because There a time to live and time to die
Oh yes a time to live and a time to die
To die to die to die…………………
February 17 2019 17:31:11
mrrockero great interpretation and good letter friend<3 +1
February 17 2019 18:14:49
solozolo Thank you much +0
Fantastic Solo,;) great voice, lyrics and drums ..<3. Thanks for joining! :W:W+1
February 17 2019 16:52:00
solozolo Thank u much so much... I throw crappy ones up every now and then just keeps me alert to try better lol +1
February 17 2019 16:53:31
fblack :o:D +0
:D fantastic Zolo :W+1
April 29 2019 16:51:29
solozolo Thanks Ivax :) +1

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