Skimming Stove: 1st Slowly Simmer

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It is difficult to play creatively for almost 9 minutes and to be dedicated to create multiple improvised lines that fit perfectly with no drum support and Eric does it with Love and Class. I have no idea what a “Skimming Stove” is!!! I looked into it and as I started playing I became entrenched in a 3 step process of “skimming” food which led to creating 3 tracks to capture my reaction to that process: Skimming Stove: 1st Slowly Simmer Skimming Stove: ...
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Free, Avant Garde, Jazz, sax, Bass


Stefe has already said it, it takes a lot of experience and musical understanding to create 27 minutes of fascinating images that captivate the listener to the last bar. Great work by you but also by Eric!!+1
March 07 2019 16:10:52
Itocpogo Thank You, Peter!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! Eric is so gifted because he is is so dedicated to his style of music!!! As you said, it is not easy for a bass player tp play 3 bass parts for 9 minutes and every note is interesting!!!! I have so much respect for Eric's Art!!!! +1
Only a great musician like you are can improvise free jazz at this level for 9 minutes and never be repetitive! Great Dan! :)+0
March 07 2019 16:08:18
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!! I am so humbled and honored with your very kind words!!! i appreciate it very much my friend!!! +0
I started listening your trilogy by the last's cool!!! 27min of beauty :W:) <3 congratulations both of you !!!:o+1
March 06 2019 16:27:35
Itocpogo Thanks You so much, Joao!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! Eric is dedicated to his art. All he wants to do is explore the boundaries and he concentrates on producing quality music!!! +0
I'm always amazed by your playing Dan !! Your playing feel and your sense for the moment is always impressive! Great Dan, every moment challenges the next, is never lengthy or even boring! Excellent, creative saxophone playing. :) <3+1
March 06 2019 16:25:32
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Franky!! I am so humbled and honored by your very gracious comment my friend!!!! I feel the Wikiloops community is a blessing from heaven where I found a community of Fantastic musicians wanting to help each other create all types of music with no other motive than playing together. +1
March 06 2019 16:29:48
frankyguitar You are so right Dan. :) +0
Owwhh Then, how can I thank you! This is really beautiful !! I am not only honhered you has made this trilogy, but I am also glad that you have made beautiful music from it.
About the title; It is also part of the creation process. Mostly titles come in through words that go over my head during that period. It can be demonstrable or more abstract. This specific comes from the name of the color of the paint I worked with (I am a painter / carpenter); Skimming Stone. altered stone in stove. The translation in Dutch looks nice and a bit absurd. titles also serve as a beacon in time for me. When I listen to this track, I know in what time it happened; When I painted with Skimming stone; haha ....
March 05 2019 20:22:14
Itocpogo WOW!!! mWhen I i was researching I did see references to skimming stone but "cooking" dominated the information. I was so deep into your playing here and immersed in it so much 9 minutes went by so fast. Alex and Rene's adds were totally Incredible and proves how inspiring your creations are!!! THANKS!!! +0
March 06 2019 06:50:41
ericblom Cooking and painting goes very well together😀 +0

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