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*Had to take 1st post down..Forgot to add lyrics.* A super interesting track from Ernie, Inkless, & Burak... Very nice composition and changes... I added lyrics/vocal - 1 dry mono trk, one clean tone guitar, and one semi dirty wah tone. I didn't add any leads only rhythm except in one small part near the end where I spontaneously drifted from rhythm into a very short lead... Lyrics are inspired from crime stories..murder interrogation etc...find them fascinating to see how people slip into darkness ...
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Progressive rock blues


Very cool song and kind of like a children's rhyme in spots too, making it even more creepy, haha Love it!! Interesting topic, Ted and Jeffrey approved!! Great guitar add too man (cool lead), Fantastico adds bro!! :O:D:W:D+1
April 26 2020 19:21:14
Major 3rd Thanks Ernie. agree on creepy vibe..that middle part in tune had that vibe..so why not a murder story..lol:D glad ya liked and thanks for the great template...salute:W +0
April 26 2020 21:08:53
Ernie440 :W +1
:D fantastic Craig :W+1
April 27 2020 16:50:37
Major 3rd Thank you Xavi!:W:D +1
Craig you are an incredible poet, your lyrics always blow me away!<3<3<3+1
April 27 2020 16:50:14
Major 3rd Thank you Tu!! appreciative..:D;) +1
very good add on this great track:)+1
April 27 2020 16:49:46
Major 3rd thanks bt!!!:) +1
Nice add.
Just gently guiding you to a dark place without you realising it...and then it's too late!
May 03 2020 23:45:23
Major 3rd Thanks! cool comment!!!:D;) +1
Fantastic Love it Craig!!:o<3:D:W:Y+1
May 04 2020 15:12:28
Major 3rd thank you deezee!:D;) +1
Oh yes ! Amazing work ! :) Very cool vocal melody instincts! Very cool guitars adds ! I like it a lot thanks for jamming with us ! :) <3:W:Y+1
May 05 2020 16:13:49
Major 3rd Thank you Inkless! appreciate that...great jamming...glad you liked..:):D:W +1

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