Child Of Hunger

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I wrote and performed an earlier version of this as a guitar/vocal MANY years ago and still trying to come up with an arrangement that conveys that the overall mood of the lyrics (to be shared later). Posting it on the chance someone might want to fool with it.
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Dark, Protest song, non-traditional blue


great selection on chords! I learned a lot from your track. :) Love it+0
May 04 2020 01:22:44
LtlBearMtn Thank you :) +0
Very nice music.+0
May 04 2020 02:40:06
LtlBearMtn Thank you. +1
May 04 2020 20:49:25
LtlBearMtn Thank you! +0
very atmospheric track :)+0
May 04 2020 20:59:49
LtlBearMtn Thank you -- one of these days, after I see if anyone does anything with it, I'll post the lyrics that go with it +1
Very nice!!!! Great production!!!+0
May 04 2020 21:01:23
LtlBearMtn Thank you so much. Was my first venture into that type of sound. Glad you enjoyed it. +0
very good template i like it
good job:)
May 04 2020 22:19:21
LtlBearMtn Good to hear, thank you +1
Great great composition and job! Bravo!+0
May 04 2020 22:21:40
LtlBearMtn Thank you. It has evolved bit since I first wrote in back in 1975! +0
May 05 2020 08:42:27
Andri Like a good wine! +1
beautiful music ;o)+0
May 04 2020 22:18:51
LtlBearMtn Most appreciated, thank you +0
Great job I really like the piano it has a Native American sound and feel. Is the HD file piano only ?+0
May 06 2020 18:46:04
LtlBearMtn No. The HD is the full mix. When I get time I'll try to upload the 3 individual stems. +0
nice template :) a hard left/right separation often cause more problems in a mix than solving them ;)+0
May 05 2020 16:15:00
LtlBearMtn Tanks for the advice. GBD has asked for HD of the parts. May try to fix the. Take for listening. +1
it's cool:)+0

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