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My Mother passed away, this is her song, the small version. Extended version is almost done. Guitars...Mason Bernard custom 6 string with emg's 81 and custom single coil....Vox Ac '30, Heh "First act generic bass" through a 1967 amp mod.
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Loss of a loved one


Very well done. Sorry to hear about your mom... Great track.+0
Death is a inevitable part of life and my mother lived it well...Give ya the shirt off her back type....Had me a wee bit o' a hospital stunt so im recovering, this is the first recording i was able to make....My thanks tuh yeh Dafunkydrummer...i hope to record some more tunes with ya suun. Im soo glad i found this site....i was a performing musician for over 20 years and this has been a good i can stay at home outlet for me to write.....without....rockstardom or pressure...+0
nice track and welcome to the loops from me :)+0
muito bom+0
powerful and a lot energie, welcome from me! :)+0
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