City Lights on Fire

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Damn didn't even get my coffee yet and found this rockin track from the dynamic duo of Nick and Previn! Thanks for the a.m. fun :O:W:D
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rock, jimi jam


:o:oYEAAAAY.....You are the Bass Master Monster on Fire Enid!!!<3This is Too Cool even without Caffeine...Oustanding my fine good you are on board with us on this funkin rocker:W:D:)+3
June 04 2021 15:03:47
Ernie440 haha buddy, was a lot of fun with yer cookin drums and Nick's heavy riffs. Thanks for getting on board brother Peter! :D:W Guess I earned a coffee :O hehe +2
June 04 2021 15:06:03
PJE haha...Triple Expresso at least Bass sure earned it alright:o:D:W +2
June 04 2021 15:08:26
Ernie440 :O:D +2
this needs a little vinyl/hiss added :) you blew the doors off on this one Ernie :o coffee all around and make Ernie's a double shot :) I can't help but laugh at the title, city lights is a strip club around this area...and now it's on fire! 🔥 :D+3
June 04 2021 19:34:04
Ernie440 haha that's funny .. poor strippers on fire .. but to be honest some probably are smokin hot!! :O Good god ... great rock jam Nick, thanks a lot bro!!

June 04 2021 21:18:00
rootshell i might have to try my best Jimi vocal impersonation on this one...we'll see...i really like how this drives man, killer <3 +2
June 04 2021 22:49:40
Ernie440 yeah, cool idea Nick!!! :D +1
June 06 2021 00:29:52
PJE Beauty Nick, this is hot as a Carolina Reaper with your super vocals:o +1
June 06 2021 16:47:51
rootshell haha, i hear those are some hot peppers! :o thank you Mr. Peter :) <3 <3 +1
:o :W+2
June 04 2021 19:34:55
Ernie440 Many thanks for droppin' in for a listen Tel! :D:) +1
This is as good as bass gets! <3+2
June 04 2021 19:31:05
Ernie440 Oh you're very kind my friend (think the same on some of your jams)... I guess it's not too bad in the blues rock genre. :D Thanks Joe!! :D +1
June 04 2021 19:48:45
JoeOnBass Really Ernie, there's a lesson on being solid low end on every track you record. This is what people pay $65 to see at the Baked Potato here in LA. Just plain awesome! +0
June 04 2021 19:52:54
Ernie440 that's 65 dollars U.S. .. that's like a million dollars here :O.. LOL Baked Potato is a GREAT name for a club .. I like that. Thanks again brother and you just gave me an idea for supper!! :D:D +2
June 04 2021 19:55:36
JoeOnBass it's about 20x30 feet of space, seats around 60 people, ticket prices are high and every great artists plays there. I watched Jimmy Johnson play from 3 feet in front of him and left speechless. they also serve backed potatoes the size of footballs. +1
June 04 2021 20:14:09
Ernie440 Sounds cool, gonna look that up!! Lots to do in LA by the sounds of things. (if you got the $$) My excitement up here today is getting my 40 ft of purple peacock pole beans planted. There's a lot to be said about a good baked potato .. remember when potato skins were all the rage .. crazy. +1
June 04 2021 21:10:35
JoeOnBass It has it's ups and downs but a lot of industry talent lives here so at an intimate venue you might discover an unexpected surprise where a big name is on stage in front of a dozen people. I've been at small venues sitting at a table with Steve Perry of Journey, watching Rob Pagliari play bass and you look around and think, how the hell did a guy from small town Massachusetts get here. I'm just lucky sometimes I guess, but hey, I get to listen to you for inspiration, that's more impressive to me than Steve Perry at a jazz club. +1
June 04 2021 23:10:42
Ernie440 yeah man .. if you're going to rub elbows, it's gonna happen in LA right .. cool!! The only "star" I've ever chatted with was Denny (rip) from the Mommas and Papas .. lol .. I played in a little band with his guitar playing nephew when I was 16/17 yrs old (many moons ago)and he was staying for a visit with my friend's mom (sister) .. he was from NS .. small world at times. Yeah Steve Perry .. now that's a unique vocalist for sure!! :D He did well with that sound! Rob Pagliari ... had to look him up .. Black Sabbath .. that's some heavy shit .. I was only aware of "Geezer" ... that's a messed up name .. he is actually a geezer now and I think he's still at the 4 strings .. lol. +1
June 04 2021 23:23:38
JoeOnBass Robbie Pag plays in OHM with Chris Poland. I wasn't aware he did Sabbath stuff, he plays a 6-string, he's an absolute wizard and one of the nicest dudes ever. Check this out: +1
June 05 2021 16:54:30
Al-Fadista OHM: what a band! Love 'em! :o Wish I could see them live but living in France, not easy! +1
Oh yes! I'm setting my Strato on fire right now! :D :D:D
What a trio! :W:W:W
June 04 2021 19:28:24
Ernie440 haha Carlo! You set your Strato on fire every time you play it bro! :W Thanks a lot amigo!! ;):D +1
June 04 2021 23:43:08
Carlomac Thanks so much my friend <3
(But unfortunatly I rarely play my Strato, I usually play Prs or Gibson... :|:D:D:D)
Perfect fit Ernie:W+2
June 04 2021 23:04:10
Ernie440 Thanks my friend Marc, much appreciated!! :D:W +1
Great sounding lineup. Like a modern, cleaner Zeppelin. Awesome+2
June 06 2021 03:14:01
Ernie440 wow , nice compliment, thanks Dirk! :) +0
The triumvirate of Wikiland.+2
June 06 2021 03:13:49
Ernie440 hehe, thanks Wade :D +1
June 06 2021 03:13:34
Ernie440 yeah buddy, thanks Demian! :D +1
I just heard root singing...and of course Ernie is on bass! Big compliments!:Y:W+2
June 06 2021 03:13:23
Ernie440 thanks so much friend Peter! :D +1

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