The Call Mach II

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5 this really needs bass and if anyone is up for keys and or vox (at least in the mellow section) :) . This came together in an interesting way. I asked Lenny to join in on drums on 26830 "The Call" and he came up with some awesome parts...I couldn't get the mix down well except for the mellow section, but then I heard this track of his and it worked AWESOME for the heavy section...This then is ...


oh Dan its perfectly:)Thank you v.m.:)+1
November 09 2014 06:26:10
Lenny Cowler
Danalyze45 Thank you Lenny! Great stuff and inspiring piecing this together with your drum work :) +1
Nice one+1
Cool Dan :)+1
Yeah, it goes from 0 to mach II - love it !!!+1
Great work Dan. Magnum opus!+1
Massive slamming jam. You've gotten really REALLY good!+1
MASSIVE thanks to Lenny for his work and patience with me on this :)+0
Nice job! But I`ll stay away from this:)+0
November 09 2014 10:41:27
Danalyze45 Ake I'd love to hear so by all means don't stay away :) This is one of those songs that could go many ways and THAT is precisely what makes Wiki so cool my friend :) +0
lulled by the softness of the guitar and drums and then POW !:)+0
November 09 2014 10:45:50
Danalyze45 Depending how things unfold...the POW will hopefully turn into "ooooh" :) Thanks Shi. That first couple minutes is missing...something (hint...hint) :) +1
November 09 2014 10:48:32
Shi hmm.....:D +1
great track!+0

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