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Tried to do a progressive melody after 1:19. Of course just limited opportunities god gave me with this thin voice. Please don't laugh about it :)
Thank's so much to Shi, who allowed to use her fine lyrics ("Somewhere out of nowhere").

An electric guitar could enhance the track. Enough space for a solo after the first chorus :)

All the Time (lyrics by Shi)

Somewhere out of nowhere.
Kind of out of the blue,
unpredicted, unforeseen,
Was it a surprise for you too?

Somewhere out of nowhere,
you just came a stumbling in,
like a breath of fresh air,
Can’t wait for it all to begin.

All of a sudden,
I’m thinking about you, all the time, all the time.
All the time.

Space for solo

Did you ever fall in love before,
got me so I feel I need to know you more.
Want to hold you tight, never let you go,
never thought that I’d be feeling so.

All of a sudden, I’m dreaming about you,
all the time, Oh.

(c) Shi 2015


July 24 2016 19:19:58
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bonito lindo

November 11 2015 23:41:48
So, only room for a thin voice? With all the other musical gifts you had to carry off, that's hardly surprising. For the record, I like your voice and the sustains are pretty spectacular.
+1 November 12 2015 15:20:19 WanHu pkliesch
Thank's a lot, Wan!
November 01 2015 21:53:56
Great composer :)
+1 November 02 2015 16:30:38 Keiton pkliesch
Thank's a lot, Keiton:)
October 29 2015 23:26:43
You sure have an amazing talent for music just thought you should know :)
+1 October 30 2015 00:39:54 Wikimark pkliesch
:D Thank you so much, Mark!
October 29 2015 10:45:10
Very nice

October 28 2015 19:30:31
beautiful.!! :)
+1 October 28 2015 19:38:12 houtdraak pkliesch
Thank you so much, houtdraak :)
October 17 2015 03:15:17
Fantastic PK you have a great voice why dont we hear it more often
+1 October 17 2015 10:13:53 onewholeft pkliesch
Thank's a lot my friend! :)
October 11 2015 00:46:21
Pit BrettPit Brett
Wow!! what a wonderful song :)
+0 October 11 2015 20:43:43 Pit Brett pkliesch
Danke dir sehr, Pit :)
October 08 2015 02:08:22
So very nice - can listen to this over and over.
+1 October 08 2015 17:34:56 Midoru pkliesch
Thank's a lot, Midoru:)
October 05 2015 14:54:55
What a cool song Pat. Thanks to You and Shi for sharing this with everyone. That thin voice of yours, carries so much character, so much depth, so much emotion. You are without doubt, one of my favorite musicians here my friend. :)
+0 October 05 2015 22:31:47 Davnel99 pkliesch
Such a Kind comment! Thank you so much, Davnel my friend! :)

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