Will I Do? (Cyclothymic Blues)

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Keiton made an AWESOME blues track! Had to give it a go. One take, straight through, second attempt. Good enough.

Hope you enjoy! I'm not much of a blues player. haha :)


November 22 2015 10:03:58
KeitonKeiton Thank you for joining, you played great solo :)
+1 November 22 2015 15:33:02 KeitonHaffast
Thank you Keiton! I don't play the blues very well, but you play the blues GREAT!

I love your track!
November 22 2015 06:19:36
RockzillaRockzilla EXCELLENT!!!
+1 November 22 2015 06:22:06 RockzillaHaffast
Thanks man! Much appreciated! :)
November 22 2015 05:46:41
goldtop68goldtop68 wish I could play faster like that, good stuff !
+1 November 22 2015 05:48:21 goldtop68Haffast
Thanks! It gets really sloppy sometimes. And I can't play slow and smooth to save my life. That's the hard stuff. :)
November 22 2015 01:58:29
onewholeftonewholeft You play much to much for Blues ! Just as well your such a great player and we all love listening to you !
Great stuff mate !!!

+1 November 22 2015 02:00:45 onewholeftHaffast
It takes a lot more talent to play less than it does to play more.

That's why I play more ;)
November 22 2015 02:04:31 onewholeftonewholeft
Im sure if i put the lyrics on before you there would be some great short licks
November 22 2015 02:10:32 onewholeftHaffast
Maybe so... Any time I play "the blues", I imagine that duel scene from Crossroads at the end.... You've got that classic blues feel and smoothness... Then you have that badass solo work Steve Vai played! hahaha! :) ;)

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