Free Spirit con Marcelo

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remove the hat before the works of Marcelo and Alice, and Stef hand giving colourful, I wanted to add my guitar to this event, thank you for this... thanks for listening...


Nice Job again ivax ! :)+1
October 15 2016 17:09:23
ivax Thanks Inkless :) +0
Lenny Cowler
October 15 2016 17:09:43
Lenny Cowler
ivax hey Lenny :) very grateful +1
Very good again Xavi! You Play so much upstairs obove me, always a pleasure to listen your playing my friend! :)+1
October 15 2016 17:12:25
ivax je,je!!!Thanks my friend,hard work took me to find out the precise notes, but it was worth, beautiful song,Thanks Franky :) +1
oh yes :)+1
October 15 2016 17:12:53
ivax Thanks my dear Akch :) +1
another super sweet gift for this song that really brighten up my day, that 02:34- really one very delicious tasty touch, you step in gentle way Xavi!, with you and stef, this song feel so warm...thank you for joining us ...+1
October 15 2016 17:15:44
ivax Thanks Alice, to play with your voice, is a marvel, so pretty, all so sweet, thanks for sharing :) +0
Well Done...+1
October 15 2016 17:17:00
ivax Thanks Devil :) my friend +0
Dear Xavi, thanks for being beside me with your wonderful guitar to give our support to this fantastic track. Your guitar playing so fascinating and sensitive is a joy for the ears. But let me just add a reflection that goes beyond this beautiful song. Here there are countries of well 3 continents and almost we embrace the whole world but the distances do not seem to exist because the music crosses all boundaries and makes us brothers in spirit as rightly says the title.
How different and better would this poor and broken world if it was this spirit to guide us. This is the magic of the music and truly gives meaning to our lives. Thanks Marcelo, Alice and Xavi! :)
October 15 2016 17:32:25
ivax thanks Stef, pretty reflection, I always me have asked, by that it music has power to emotional?, I the day that left of touch during ones years, was the worst decision of my life, I was missing a piece of soul, it music not understands of languages or of borders, flies free as the wind, is something magical, me feel happy when caress them strings It is an innate chemistry, I'm very happy to meet people like you, the bad thing is that the music not tames the wild beasts so voracious that exist in this society +1
October 15 2016 17:35:13
Stef Absolutely true my friend! +1
Marcelo D
Wow Xavi. This is a real connection track. I must agree with Stef.
You touched the middle part of the song. I was expecting for someone to do that and you did an amazing job with few precious notes that gave new colors for that track. Thank you so much for joining us. Your add is superb.
October 15 2016 17:37:53
Marcelo D
ivax Thanks Marcelo, the two first attempts were unsuccessful, then reflect and after several listeners I decided to record again, I'm very glad you like it, you have much musicality and that's good, I feel flattered, thank you again :) +0
Fantastic melody ivax... you're on a sweet ride these days :)+1
October 15 2016 17:39:04
ivax Thanks Psych :) very grateful, +1
Delicioso !! Such a cool add to a wonderful song Xavi
REAL nice.. mis cumplimientos ;)
October 15 2016 17:39:49
ivax hey Nuno :) amigo !!! thank you very much +1

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