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Lost Password

Before letting someone access your wikiloops user account,
we need to make sure that you really are the person who owns this account, and to do that,
we will first verify that you have access to the email stored along your user details, and then sent you a new password.

Enter the email adress you have registerred your account with, and we will send a first email with a confirmation link.
If you receive this email and click the link that is provided there, we will send a second email with a new password.

You may log in to wikiloops with that newly created password, and if you would like to change it to something which is easier to remember,
then you can edit your password via your profile -> edit profile page.

Please enter the email address your account is registered with below:

· If you are not receiving the Email within 5 minutes
(please also check your spam folder, just in case)
· wikiloops cannot find a user account matching your email adress or
· you can not remember which email adress you used, but you do know your wikiloops user name
get in touch with support via info ( at ) wikiloops.com.

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as stated in our data privacy policy ..