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New-years Radio features 2021

Please spread the word if you enjoy wikiloops radio:

The new years day radio channel

Music for a happy start into 2021
For the first time in almost ten years of wikiloops, we have asked the members to submit the tracks which mattered the most to them in 2021,
and you may check out their greetings & submitted songs of choice here.
Thanks to all who "called in", getting to hear your voices is a beautiful experience!
I (Dick writing) will once more take the blame for any technical flaws, there sure is a bit of headroom for improvement to this premiering format... but that is what is beautiful about wikiloops: We are here to try things and improve them together, right?
If you enjoy the "show" and feel this is something we might want to do more often, I'd be glad to read that in your comments below. For now, I'd like to wish you all a good time listening and a relaxed new years day 2021!
Thanks for being part of wikiloops & happy jamming in 2021
wikiloops founder


Happy new year all!
Tell you the truth: I'm affraid I messed up with a few of the voice-messages sample rates, if some folks sound extremely low, then that's most likely my bad :(
January 01 2021 13:08:33
JustinL sounds good in AZ bud! +1
January 01 2021 13:59:54
Shi such a joy to hear everyone and what a cool idea and thank you so much Dick for all you do :)Best wishes to you and your family for 2021 from me :) +4
January 01 2021 15:54:05
wjl So cool to hear everyone, had to link to this from my own page as well: https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2021/01/last-and-first-portraits-and-a-radio-show/

Thanks for this Richard, and best wishes to you and to yours for 2021 :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and I wish you a happy and healthy 2021 as well :) Blew me away folks :)
I honestly didn't know that there was a radio station? I'm a loser because this is beautiful! Thank you loopers for such a wonderful response to my style and musical taste. I absolutely love it here and cannot wait to collaborate with all of you. Cheers and happy new year!+6
January 01 2021 14:00:20
Shi Best wishes to you for 2021 Justin :) +1
Hi Dick,
what could be greater than becoming a father.
I can tell you that!
To tell your child at some point that you had a vision, namely to connect musicians all over the world and to prove to the world every day that it works together.
Well, if that's not a role model, what then!
All the best for you and your family and thank you for letting me dive into this vision!
Happy New Year to you and your family and all Loop friends !!
Best wishes for a better year everyone+3
Happy new year to everyone on wikiloops and everywhere else on planet Earth :)+3
WOW It's cool!+3
Happy Rocking New Year To All.+3
Super idea. I am really enjoying this.I can hear the passion in the voices of our musicians that these songs really mean something. That makes me feel good inside to know all is not lost people can still feel. Peace to the world and a great 2021 to all my talented friends here on Wikiloops, Mikebanez­čśü:W+3
So nice to hear from all of you. Very sorry I couldn't get it together to take part. Doesn't stop me from listening and enjoying all your wonderful contributions and hearing your voices. Hope we can all play together and have a wonderful creative 2021.+3
Whether you're alone, or with someone you love, I hope you find thankfulness within yourself and continue to find the goodness this beautiful world has to give. Such a personal touch to hear all of you. Happy New Year everyone :)+2
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