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eurofolk 1

eurofolk 1
About this album:
Small collection of unplugged, world & folk songs. Europe is going through hard times, many divisions are currently taking place and nationalism is experiencing strong upheavals in many European countries. By contrast, I wanted to set a small sign with this album. The music unites us all, making us equal to one another. Here at wikiloops we all live together and not against each other, a good example of understanding between nations on a small human level ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 12/05/2017

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Unity is strength


Review by ARNOSOLO on 12/05/2017

I agree with you my friend. We live in a dark and strange period .... But here we have the opportunity to share without borders, without prejudices. I'm having fun telling my friends that the other day, I made a Spanish song on which an Indonesian sang, the American drummer lived in Rangun, the bassist was Canadian and the whole thing was mixed by an Egyptian. .. By playing music, we have the chance to speak the same language.



Review by slin on 12/08/2017

This is a great collection of songs Uloisius,thanks so much for bring one of my song here...;););)

Strong choice


Review by Hesgone119 on 12/06/2017

This is a nice Album a good mix of wonderful music. Thanks Uli

Danke Uli


Review by AKchen on 12/05/2017

schon wieder eine so wunderbare Kollektion ... geniesse es gerade sehr ... ein Einklang für eine europäische gemeinsame Kultur, was eine Idee ... ihrer Zeit voraus :)
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