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  1. September 9, 2016
    World jam feat. pniveiro on Guitar Track # 83226
    by pniveiro
  2. August 15, 2016
    Rock jam feat. pniveiro on Guitar Track # 80890
    Only one Page
    by pniveiro
  3. July 28, 2016
    Pop jam feat. pniveiro on Guitar Track # 79398
    Thursday White Paper
    by pniveiro


I was born in the city of San Fermines but I have always lived in another Mediterranean city from Soain. I have been playing guitar for 38 years since at the age of 14 my older brother told me 2 chords and I began to discover everything else.

I have always liked to play blues and funk, even though I have been exploring other styles such as jazz, folk, bossa etc. I really like to play the Spanish guitar because it is the one I have played
the most.

My first electric guitar was a Japanese telecaster that my father gave me. Some of my favourites guitarists are robben ford, srv, albert collins, pat martino, jef beck, JOHN SCOFIELD... I hope wikiloops teaches me to know how to listen to the stories of other musicians and to share good moments and emotions. Thanks and ‘LISTEN&PLAY’ :)



· Tokai Es196
· Yamaha SA2200
· Fender Telecaster American Deluxe
· Fender Stratocaster 57 Reissue
· Gibson Les Paul Traditional
. Godin multiac
. Córdoba.


· Fender Hot Rod III Deluxe
- Victory sheriff 25

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· Reaper
· Axe Fx2
. Hx stomp
. Antelope zen go
. Rode nt1

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gracias a todos los músicos que colaboran en wikiloops, es interesante la sensación de saber, que alguien en algún lugar del mundo sabe de ti y de tu música, y lo mas interesante, compartirla, GRACIAS

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