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Passion - Smooth

Passion - Smooth
About this album:
This three-part album is a celebration of my journey back to a restored passion for playing and recording. Thanks to all my musician friends at wikiloops who have encouraged, helped and inspired me. Part two: 'Smooth' is full of funky and jazzy grooves, appearances from the wonderful Hammond organ, and songs from three of the finest singer-songwriters I have ever played with. Watch out for part three to be released soon: 'Passion: Cool'.nadrek created by nadrek on 12/20/2017

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Involved artists:
Larzan GuitarPlyr Shi GlezBass nadrek pkliesch moonchild OliVBee mpointon WhiteDrum55 FrankieJ Marceys aleonz pconey eGiL Tofzegrit

So Smooth....


Review by Grathy on 09/18/2018

I'm still getting my feet wet on this site. So much talent here, love these smooth grooves.

Glad to be a part in "Passion - Smooth" nadrek


Review by GuitarPlyr on 12/28/2017

You're great, thanks, much appreciate

Beautiful grooves ...


Review by StJray on 06/15/2020

A magnificent suite of grooves from a magnificent group of musicians! Well done Nadrek and well done to all the participants, Ray

Nice album !


Review by OliVBee on 06/15/2020

a perfect example of your versatility and wonderful sensitive playing !
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