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Jazz & Friends 2018

Jazz & Friends 2018
About this album:
Tracks selection jazz jam with wikiloops friends GlezBass created by GlezBass on 02/18/2019

Thumbs: 9
Listened: 741 times

Involved artists:
nadrek GlezBass WhiteDrum55 Tofzegrit tyros4 Vinko ArkRockStudio donsk RobM anon418 GeorgeLion Marceys Melinos Hudson Kostah Demian focus5 jablue Jypeka

Sweet stuff


Review by Woxbox on 03/26/2019

I could listen to this all day.


Review by Melinos on 02/21/2019

Great job Mario, thanks for having me included in this album.....

Excelente album!


Review by Demian on 02/19/2019

Que bueno estar incluido en esta selección junto a grandes músicos y excelentes jams. Muchas gracias Mario! Siempre eres sininimo de buen gusto y calidad musical
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