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Ocean Soul by Krasimir

Ocean Soul

Ocean Soul
About this album

An selection of lyrical music which i feel have vibrations of soul and strenght and mistic of ocean deep waters and waves. Krasimir created by Krasimir on Jan 25, 2023

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Music for representing deepness of Soul against of Sea as Allegory


Review by Krasimir on Jan 25, 2023

My entire life passed at ocean, sea and near the sea. That is why in jam tracks music i often feel and use Ocean, Sea and water mysteries as topic. Hope this selection is well represented. A bid sounds as sad music but is emotional and melodic.

Dreamy and enveloping.....


Review by Grathy on Jan 27, 2023

I am honored to be included in this fine album. I lived by the ocean for many years and even now it is only 5 miles away. Water is the balm I live by. The lake behind us is an endless source of inspiration. Thank you.

With every wave a new song is found


Review by ERWAN on Jan 25, 2023

Ocean is where music and culture meet, across the water, melodies flow ,people bring together and they souls grow . This album describes this perfectly. Happy to have met you on Wikiloops and proud to be part of this collection
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