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  1. April 5, 2024
    Rock jam feat. BURNT956 on Guitar & Bass Track # 292134
    A bloody Minded fool!
    by BURNT956
  2. March 28, 2024
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. BURNT956 on Guitar & Bass Track # 291613
    We Are The Sad Beige Children
    by BURNT956
  3. February 10, 2024
    Punk-Rock jam feat. BURNT956 on Bass Track # 288701
    Punkch Drunksh
    by BURNT956


I played in bands in my late teens early 20's then went to uni and afterwards got a job. I did odds and sods but did not really return to playing and composing tracks until the start of the pandemic when I had more time to just sit around listen to new music and play guitar. Since then I've completed a few tracks but really looking for some people to jam with to get new influences and try new things.

I am mainly into Noise and math rock. The bands I currently listen to in no particular order are. Tera Melos, The Physics House band, Future of The Left, Three Trapped Tigers, Hella, Adebisi Shank, You Slut!, the mars Volta, Bosnian Rainbows, At The Drive In, Rob Crow(mainly "thingy"), Faraquet, melt-banana, Reuben, les Savvy Fav, Battles, Tricot, ASIWFA and Frank black. If you recognise the names of any of these bands I recon we have a pretty similar musical taste.

Open to trying new styles, though not a classic rocker, so if you want someone to play a beautifully skilled solo I am not your guy. I am more likely to create some over effected crazy mess that kinda fits, but also is a bit irritating.


I play guitar and bass. Ive been playing for about 20 years with middling success.

recording devices

I use a fender micro mustang amp plugged straight into garageband on the cleanest setting. This will be plugged either directly into the guitar/bass or on the out from my pedalboard. for vocals I have the a rode USB mike. The same one they use on the WiseCrack youtube series.

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