My musical interests started with Dutch Hiphop (Typhoon, Opgezwolle etc.) and it quickly grew to old-school (especially East-coast) Hiphop. A gaining interest in exploring my roots made me dive deeper into music from Bosnia and the surrounding regions.
It started off with the most popular acts and slowly but surely started to find more and more obscure artists from namely the former Yugoslavia. This musical diversification into all kinds of Ex-Yugo music helped me to develop a broad taste in music.

This ultimately lead me to where I am today, listening and appreciating everything I come across.


I don't play anything, but I'm getting a growing interesting for the piano/keyboard! Outside of that I do know a thing or two about how to apply AI in the music domain.. :)

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The thing about wikiloops is the incredible people willing to share their creations with the world purely for their love for music. It's priceless!
Riky from Portugal

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