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Raspberry Charm
MOF on the loops
Deep Dark Blue
Greater Heights
Straight Up


  1. January 10 2021
    Rock jam feat. remix by OliVBee on Mixer Track # 207935
    Zam's Raspberrized Breakfast - mix
  2. December 28 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by OliVBee on Mixer Track # 206604
    Chaman Dream - Pewi mixed in
  3. December 13 2020
    Pop jam feat. remix by OliVBee on Guitar & Mixer Track # 205403
    49 trips


music when i was a kid, music when i was a teen, music when i got grown up ... i'll probably die playing Blue in Green Wink


guitars bass drums ... acoustic, electric ...

recording devices

RME ... Linux powah !! Pfft


April 8 1967

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