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The time for Wikiloops is getting a bit less lately.... had some time this evening to try something out again.... Played a rhodes first for some structure and than a theme thingie over it.... The red and the yellow part came up after that... did it with some other sounds to get some changes.... Hope you like it, would be cool to hear a bassline over it, and a guitar, flutes, vocals, fingerwhistling, beatboxing.... etc... :) cheers, Marc ps Thanks for the great drumtrack again Mika! Enjoyed ...


March 22 2017 19:45:40
Marceys Glad you like it Mika! :) +1
March 22 2017 19:56:35
MikaBass for you;) track 101545 +0
Hop hop hop!
Cool sounds Inside Marc
March 23 2017 06:29:04
Marceys Thanks Tof! +0
So cool Marc, good jam/template friend! :)+1
March 23 2017 06:29:27
Marceys Thanks a lot Mario! +1
Not at all what I expected to g with a disco beat. Such a sweet tune.+1
March 23 2017 06:30:36
Marceys Unexpected things can surprise! This is what i heard at that moment! :) +1
Such a sweet....double expresso cappuccino.+1
March 23 2017 06:31:37
Marceys Cappuccino time! Good! :) +0
Your composition has everything; wonderful arrangement, lovely progression, synth strings and that beautiful flute-like theme and a great mix!+1
March 23 2017 06:32:13
Marceys Thanks for your compliment! Enjoyed the playing! :) +1
Sometimes life gets in the way, Marc!!!+1
March 23 2017 06:33:10
Marceys Well, there is still music of course.... bit more busy with the live band at the moment! +1
March 23 2017 12:17:27
kapone120 That is a good busy, Marc! :) +1
Great job! All the layers work together so well :)+1
March 23 2017 06:34:31
Marceys Thanks! Tried some things! :) +1
So good to hear this pretty song from you Marc! glad you still find the time to serve some tasty tune on the table..+1
March 28 2017 19:21:04
Marceys Thanks Alice! I will always find/make time for making music......however, the livemusic is grabbing me a bit more at the moment! :) Glad you like it and took the time to listen! :) +0
Nice one Marc, like that melodic hook+1
March 29 2017 20:20:00
Marceys Thanks! The risk with these melodic lines are always that it is less interesting for others to join a track! I mostly try to avoid to give to much direction on the Loops! But sometimes i just like to do it :) +1

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