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May 25, 2018
A quick upload from me, grabbing a chance when I can. I'm no nearer to being fixed - still getting worse - but I have an MRI booked for next week which should shed some light on how to fix my shoulders! Anyway, splendid guitar track, as always, from Tof. Jumped on and kept it tight and bouncy as best I could. First time on the kit since my last upload :( The song title is based on the fact I just ...
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Nice one Martin. I hope the MRI reveals what the issue is and that you may be on the road to recovery very soon. +2
Keep your chin up!! my friend, I know its not really consolation but in my opinion Mr P with one good shoulder is still more than good enough for any arena...super tight groove and great drumming as ever:)
my positive thoughts are with you
May 27, 2018 at 2:02 AM
mpointon Thank you. You're too kind! I have to play when I feel able to, sadly. The urge is always there but I have to temper it with whether I'll suffer for it.

I do sadly have side effects for it afterwards but I have to keep playing - I can't not play. Sounds a bit 'back story Simon Cowell' I know...

What's most frustrating is asking my body to play what I know I can but I'm getting rusty... But it looks like a resolution is on the horizon - it's been a long time getting this problem seen to.

It's been hard to convince the world to see a problem that one day isn't too bad yet the next, it feels like my shoulder is disconnected because I reached for a cup form the cupboard!

It doesn't actually affect my playing (other than a lack of practice) but I have to suffer afterwards!
Great playin' Martin, hope you feel better soon man! :W And get your $$ back for that Ford! +1
Lenny Cowler
great play, as always high drumms level:):W +1
Perfect Martin! +1
May the Strength be with you my friend ! Thanks for your add, glad for having given you some fun in this so cool period :@
<3 to you and LadyP
sounds very good +1
Cool beats M! :W :D Hoping for a speedy recovery! +0
francisco al
ótimo jogo, amigo mpointon +0
Oh yeah - this'll do ! :D +0

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