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TY Major


Perfekt drumming Peter, matches great with the guitar :D :Y+1
Good use of the cymbals and I like the way you've miked them and spread the sound around for your whole kit. Excellent drumming and "engineering".+1
Awesome drum add PJE!!!! Absolutely love it!!! Appreciate your drum add here!! Happy to find and hear this morning! ty my friend..:D:W<3 great feel and flow....nice fade out at end!!! super! nice snare pop, bass drum, cymbal and hi hat ride etc.....all of it..+1
March 02 2020 02:37:45
Major 3rd
PJE Hey Major you know I love your style always classy and this great music is a real pleasure to jam on thank you my friend<3:W:D +0
Great drumming on this one Peter!!! Oh yeah!! :W Nice stuff bro! :D:W+0
Fantastic Your Drum Job friend <3
Great music :Y:W
fantastic peter, I love the intro, great work friend:W+0
Bravo Peter...perfect drum ride on this track:W
Great dynamics and like Wade said I like the cymbal work;)
Bright and dynamic drums! Perfect add Peter! :)+0
Percussive Excellence again!!!! Excellent use of your entire "tools"!!! Excellent, Peter!!!!+0
Yeahhh !
It's very good.
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