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  1. Unplugged backing track # 80578 FrankieJShiAcoustic Guitar:    FrankieJ
    Vocals:    Shi
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 62 bpm 10 remixes attached
    my thanks to Frankie for a lovely track :)...

  2. Unplugged backing track # 81091 cody trippShiAcoustic Guitar:    cody tripp
    Vocals:    Shi
    Tempo: 89 bpm 5 remixes attached
    another one of Cody's fab tracks that called to me, thanks so much Cody :)...

  3. Unplugged backing track # 61790 cody trippShiGuitar:    cody tripp
    Vocals:    Shi
    Tempo: 130 bpm 5 remixes attached
    such a pretty and evocative piece from Cody , thanks Cody :) just added a verse at the beginning and the end :)...

  4. Unplugged backing track # 70226 OliVBeemoonchildAcoustic Guitar:    OliVBee
    Vocals:    moonchild
    Meter: 6/8  Tempo: 75 bpm 4 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    porcupine tree, memories, past, present, future, collision
    Ahhhhhhhhhh, words cannot express how much I love singing this. Thank you! Improvised lyrics but I felt as if I was lear...

  5. Unplugged backing track # 74154 PeixealeonzKeys:    Peixe
    Vocals:    aleonz
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 100 bpm 7 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Aleonz, Marcelo, Peixe, unplugged, , vocal, piano
    I'm so afraid to touch this song, but it's just too hard to resist to floating on this heavenly beauty piece of ...

  6. Unplugged backing track # 45637 hurzelaleonzAcoustic Guitar:    hurzel
    Vocals:    aleonz
    Tempo: 115 bpm 7 remixes attached
    Found this wonderful track from Hurzel tracks, and I just can't resist to play with his beautiful guitar....

  7. Unplugged backing track # 45804 Herman420KellsBellsAcoustic Guitar:    Herman420
    Vocals:    KellsBells
    6 remixes attached
    I left sooooo much room on this gorgeous track by Herman. There is room for duet/backing vocals/pianos/guitars/bass/sequ...

  8. Unplugged backing track # 71319 frenzieAnneCozeanAcoustic Guitar:    frenzie
    Vocals:    AnneCozean
    2 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    what a gorgeous template, Tom - so good! decided to leave this one alone with just one voice - harmony welcomed. ...

  9. Unplugged backing track # 76595 OliVBeerastafariPit BrettKellsBellsAcoustic Guitar:    OliVBee
    Percussion:    rastafari
    Bass:    Pit Brett
    Vocals:    KellsBells
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 110 bpm 4 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    OliVBee, Pit Brett, rastafari, Kells, acoustic, haunting
    I was so moved by this beautiful haunting music from OliVBee, rastafari, and Pit Brett. I just had to sing what came to ...

  10. Unplugged backing track # 41512 hurzelKellsBellsAcoustic Guitar:    hurzel
    Vocals:    KellsBells
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 84 bpm 5 remixes attached
    This was a beautiful guitar track. It hit me right in the feels. :) I hope I did the tune justice. Fair is ...
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