A song for someone I so much loved.

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Ok first since `Is, going nuts with this Ipad to do So ok this story about this number and ok and a more lot of Simoke fucked is allot of easier for en and for shure I wish’s it could play this for my only ever legally realley lover girl. But what I want you woul’d do see at is a song that I as young man loosss a girl from what so reason so ever, still that not ...
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Gray easy listening singers song keys.


wonderful sound enjoyed listening<3+1
July 19 2020 13:08:26
e-m Thanks still think the track would go longer on but let me think of a’n idee. Comes with inspiration always hut feel free to go on anywa ;) +0
Fantastic your Piano Template e-m<3;):Y+1
Sounds great, super nice chord progression 👍+1
cool template :) nice playing ! welcome to wikiloops !+1
pretty chords and a nice song here e-m :)+1
What a cool track :)+1
More will com but it is allot of Beasley on iPad. But for now min of more it it is this, sorry gyus and girls btw also from wherever you are all

Chords simple not ok version but almost ntro
|: D/F# = Gsus2 | A - Bm7 :|. (Repeat)

|: Csus2 | D :| (repeat end D, back to intro )

|: C | C/B :| (to intro)
Doesn’t make cense think lol but is copy paste there will be a ok following for this but just try it in the near while there is no harm int that think?+0
Not zo share wat-t wil become out of this, but was a little bit so far, if play this with the auto drums it sounds allot better already, bus just this woul’d lijk a you wikiloopers to make it special. Give it a trY everything is ok as long as you willing to try. I id It in time hopfully so game on, there is not a ultimate goal as long as is gonna a cool song or maybe few? Go on just jam on on this, no problem+0
It is still nog complete but still this rock able Ineke chords I think like dream theater stuff or something. Ok if you let en down Padt the autos drum with it, But seems to nice to you get it it? It is in tempo and a nice sponge with a sort like sort of mad edges ib UT bad live?

Well thats the challenge think. Hahaha

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