Summer Daze

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United States
Danalyze451413 jams

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I panned the guitar to the left a bit to leave space on the other side for another guitar or "other " :) :)


NICE, nice, nice Well done Dan !+2
Cool track well played+1
I take a look at it:)+1
cool :)+0
Yeah man!! Groovin!!+0
cool ;)+0
bem legal+0
sweet ;) I see you have a G5 on your profile page. They have a real tube in them? My Boss ME-25 isnt doing it for me anymore and I dont have a real tube amp. Being on a low budget, I've been looking at the G5. I have an 15 year old Zoon 2020 here and dont mind the brand. The G5 going well for you? Cheers mate :)+0
Cool sound!+0

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