In A Pickle - Oh?

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Jan 5, 2023
Funk. Always tempting to go all-out on the drums - hell the track's even called 'one for the drummers' (which it is!). But this fab little track from Mr 'Wing is covered from head to toe in busy syncopations. Busy drums with busy lines can get messy really quick and, for me, a warning to reign in your chops and do your job of timekeeping. No harm in letting your hair down on the fills, but let the track do ...
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Great pickles(colo) sound. And thanks for the penny’s! +3
Oh yeah!! :W +2
groovy one guys and real nice drums from you Martin :) +2
Very smart drumming for all the reasons you stated. I love that "Pretty Purdy" high hat that you occasionally use. +2
Perfect Martin! Thank you! +1
January 7, 2023 at 10:17 PM
mpointon I'm glad you like it :) So easy to jump into the pocket with a template like this. I love to challenge my groove playing and not my chops. More please! +1
January 8, 2023 at 2:41 PM
LittleWing Like it? Im thrilled you are back quite honestly.
Heres the short version...
While you were away from the Loops , about a year ago, I decided music will be my one and only hobby ( too). Your buddy Marceys inspired me to seek out piano lessons.I bought some nice keyboards with his and Stefs help. I then sought out an old lady who teaches piano ...the roughest, nastiest old lady I could find. A strict disciplinarian whom I requested I would pay her if she didnt put up with my crap and she retaught me keyboards.
Long story short....I can apply everything I know about Guitar chords and scales and apply it to keyboards. I simply had to train my hands to do it. So for the last year Ive been playing keys and have an entire back library if your ever seeking something. I did the same with drums but Im only recently relearning drums. Have a long way to go..

So If you ever are looking around...not too far back in my library you will find:

Elton John style: #233107

There is a horn section wav download for this track in the remixes: #225924
The Horn HD download is here: #225928

This is a fun one. The HD is keys only: #220620

Taylor Swift style: The HD is keys only #208281

One of the best things Ive ever written. HD is keys #212547

Theres a ton others going back about a year in my track list.

Ill say it is great you are back, Martin.
Damned, just broke a string on the bass :) +1
Super :o

Great jam, mates :)
Perfect!! :W +0
:W a lot of groove now <3 +0
Great! +0
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Para mi significa, la revelacion de que puedo "hablar" con musicos de todo el mundo en este idioma que todos conocemos LA MUSICA!!!

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