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The Last Echoes of Your Love

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Koldov 165 jams

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Jul 23, 2023
This was a 'song' I'd written a while ago. I'd set myself a bit of a challenge to write something simple using the pentatonic scale (Major) that didn't sound like Blues so it wasn't really a song as it just had the main riff looped a few times with different amounts of guitar (that's why it was originally called 'Loopy Love'). Anyway I thought I'd try and fill it out a bit more with a chorus or something, but I ...
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As the last echoes slowly fade away,
Perchance I will once more some day,
Hear the melody of your love again,
And lose myself in its sweet refrain...
beautiful guitar Koldov <3 drifting away on those notes, on a happy cloud... +1
Major 3rd
Very nice Koldov! lovely shimmering guitar sounds here...another charmer! love that echo..beautiful sound and playing..:):W +1
Awesome<3:W +1
Well, isn't this just a tune to float away on... gorgeous melody, as always. +1
July 30, 2023 at 12:22 PM
Koldov Thank you! :) Yeah I like it, difficult one for adds though I think :( because it was written as a single guitar led idea really (and without a muse, what's a guitarist to do...? Fill it all with guitar of course! :P) anyway it never turned into anything... :@ unfortunatly it's a bit free-time (read sloppy) so the timing in the licks is a bit off I think! :o +0
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I´m not a very good guitarist but this site is awesome. Will keep on supporting :-) Greetings from Germany :-)
Chuck Stew from Germany

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