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So as you may have noticed, Josh is an amazing lyricist and vocalist and I couldn't be happier or more honored to have ventured into the Pandora project with him. Part one is track #48843 and this is our second venture into this saga. Josh wrote all the lyrics and mixed and arranged this beauty. I just lent my voice. Please make sure to give him the proper credit for his brilliance! And let us not forget Rob, who without this beautiful guitar track none of this would be possible. Excellent playing my friend. :) Thanks for letting me play the part of Pandora, Josh! :)


October 28 2016 04:15:10
InklessInkless Excellent ! :)
+1 October 28 2016 04:40:21 InklessKellsBells
Thank you! :)
May 24 2016 15:38:45
PewiPewi Very very nice! not too much , not too little, fits!

+1 October 28 2016 04:40:43 PewiKellsBells
Thank you Pewi! :)
October 15 2015 04:56:35
piperpiper Beautiful duet Kells, Josh, and can't forget Mr. Rob and his amazing guitar :)
+2 October 15 2015 04:59:09 piperKellsBells
Thank you Pipes! :) Yes Josh is a heck of a writer/singer and Rob a guitar player!
September 19 2015 02:33:16
MasterKMasterK Real talent !
+2 September 19 2015 02:37:27 MasterKKellsBells
Thank you MasterK for stopping by! :) Seems you have been absent for a while?
September 19 2015 04:07:09 MasterKMasterK
Work takes me, glad to have some free time. :)
September 17 2015 22:45:04
RelativityRelativity Wow just catching this!

September 14 2015 19:57:48
LieschingLiesching I guess this is the most beautiful duet I´ve ever listened here. Awesome, Kelly! It really was worth waiting til I have some good red in a glass and feel comfortable! Love it, dear! :)

September 14 2015 16:21:56
PJEPJE Hi Kelly such stunningly complimenting and brilliantly thought out vocal duet/additions - your range is incredible and so atmospheric - Bravo!!! to you Kelly and all for such a wonderful song:)
+1 September 14 2015 21:31:51 PJEKellsBells
Thanks Peter, Josh is the brilliance behind the lyrics and arrangement! He planned this entire song event. :) I was just the singing monkey. :p :D it was a load of fun and I am glad you enjoyed it. :)
September 14 2015 21:41:08 PJEPJE
Now who is being oh so modest? As Marc says this really is a most beautiful duet and a phenonmenal performamce from you :)wonderfully haunting my friend
September 14 2015 14:34:18
heliandrosheliandros perfect duet :)

September 13 2015 14:37:56
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!It´s great:)

September 13 2015 12:36:33
aduadu you two are a very good combination of talent! :) wonderful !

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