If 6 was nine or maybe 3??

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Remix step #4 (playing)


TeeGee280 jams Supporter
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There is room for some keys or maybe a hot sax (we all love hot sax, don't we?)

I was looking for some unusual tempo tracks and found this one. To cut a long story short, whatever I did I could not match up 9/8 and 90 bpm on my software. Anyway, I gave up and recorded by ear listening to the bass for clues. For me it sounds like 4 times 123 : 1,2,3 - 1,2,3, -1,2,3 - 1,2,3 . And the tempo when I tap it more like 75. Now what troubles me is that I am 99.9% sure Baer knows what he is doing so I need to get educated on this. Anybody cares to explain that to me I would be very grateful.


June 03 2017 05:53:17
Awesome track!
+1 June 03 2017 15:52:16 apsummerlin TeeGee
Thanks man :)
December 04 2016 17:16:29
I like it very much my friend. the guitar is fabulest!!

November 21 2016 20:08:39
..on the "ohh my!" list

November 07 2016 07:44:13
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, TG_Strat. ficou bem legal
+1 November 07 2016 09:31:08 francisco al TeeGee
Thanks Fancisco :)
November 07 2016 14:12:04 francisco al TeeGee
How about some saxophone? ;)
October 31 2016 23:01:56
...Tops my man! great waahh articulation, and awesome tone on that great lead line... xxx
not enough thumbs for this one.

+1 November 01 2016 14:29:53 kimbo TeeGee
Thanks mate. Not enough thumbs? If you look below at the list of the musicians who did give me a thumb (and that includes you), I am humbled and f***g happy. Quality :)
November 01 2016 17:39:29 kimbo kimbo
...meant i'd've liked to give it 16 thumbs personally! :D
October 31 2016 08:50:25
Like this a lot TG! :) super cool phrasing on that lead m8! ;)
+1 October 31 2016 09:09:15 incivanpico TeeGee
Thanks mate :). yes some nice parts in there. Unfortunately I heard today around 0:57 some notes that are a bit "confused" :D. I hope Fishi is going to do a bit of sax, then I can fix this little blot.
October 30 2016 23:29:26
I don't know how hot my sax is but it ought to be a challenge to play..:)
+1 October 30 2016 23:31:52 Fishinmissio TeeGee
Hey, give it a try :) Blow it hard and see what comes out. If you upload the single track I can also do some mixing ;)
October 30 2016 21:52:29
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
awesome lead riffin TG....very soulful and powerful..great sound...reminds me a bit of zappa! ;o)
+1 October 30 2016 22:51:42 Major 3rd TeeGee
Thanks man. Zappa? I wish... :D
October 30 2016 21:23:45
All around great guitar lines and love ghe wah wah against the chords!

October 30 2016 20:04:39
Cool :)

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