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wikiloops service agreement regulating the purchase of a

Basic membership upgrade for a fixed periodversion 6-2017

By choosing the additional service named above,
you agree to the following agreement which shall rule the transaction between you and wikiloops media UG (haftungsbeschränkt).
These regulations are an addition to the wikiloops terms of use, which remain valid.

1. Service description

wikiloops membership upgrades are an optional, time based service which may be purchased for fixed time durations by making a one-time payment.
Any services described herein require a user log in procedure, which is mandatory to identify the customer.

Since a wikiloops membership and the included log in details are a mandatory prerequisite to using a membership upgrade,
wikiloops offers to set up a membership account for users who do not hold a membership account at the time of purchasing the upgrade.
The wikiloops membership itself is however not part of the scope of this agreement,
since it may be setup and continues regardless of using the upgraded memberships service described here.

An upgraded membership period starts immediatly on reception of your payment and ends when the chosen and pre-payed period ends.
During the chosen duration, the user may access and make use of the additional functionalities and features listed below.
Once the chosen duration has ended, the upgrade expires automaticly and the additional features are no longer accessible (also see 3 on timeout handling).
The user may then choose to purchase a new upgraded period to re-enable the additional features, or to continue to use wikiloops without these features in the state of a "limited free" (= not upgraded) member.
wikiloops membership upgrades are a purely digital service, you are not receiving anything physical when purchasing a membership upgrade.

2. Service key features

Note: This agreement is not intended to provide "how to use" explanations,
these may be found in the wikiloops help section

  • Unlimited track up- and downloads
    In difference to non-upgraded accounts, the number of uploads to- and downloads from the public segment of wikiloops are not limited.
  • ability to create private groups (="private bands") for non-public file-exchanges
    The user may create access-restricted "band"-pages and grant access to chosen wikiloops users or non-wikiloops users who can be invited by email.
    These band-pages provide the functionalies to:
    • exchange audio files, either using the wikiloops remix branching ordering system or by uploading audio files to the included file-pool-tool
    • send group messages
    • create an internal playlist
    The webspace storage needed for your private band projects is supplied from your private storage quota, you are asked to assign a portion of your quota for each band project.
  • 20 GB private storage
    wikiloops provides above stated quota of webstorage space for user-to-user file exchanges via the private bands interface.
  • No ads on wikiloops
    The user will not be displayed any advertisement banners on the wikiloops interface for the duration of the upgraded membership, which -besides the obvious visual benefits- also leads to quicker page loading times and less 3rd party code being executed, thus leading to less data collecting.
3. Billing, monitoring your upgrade status and
automatic end of upgraded service period procedure

On entering this agreement and supplying a billing adress and the due payment, the user receives access to a .pdf-bill and payment receipt on screen.
A confirmation email containing a link to review and save the document is sent to the users provided email account,
and both the upgrades expiry date and access to your payment history are offered in the settings tab of your user profile.

One week prior to the upgrade periods expiry date, the user receives a notice via email to inform about the nearing time-out.
Once the period has timed out, the user may no longer make use of the upgraded features.

Handling of user content after upgraded period timeout
When falling back from upgraded to the standard account status, some features will simply cease to be applied, for example: you will start seeing ads on the interface again, and the profile showcase will fall back to the standard "about me" tab.
When using some of the other features during the upgraded period, the user may upload several types of digital content, which will be treated as follows when the upgrades period ends:

  • File storage data & started bands
    Once an account upgrade times out, the user may no longer add files to the private storage assigned to founded band spaces.
    Neither can the invited private group participants upload more data to the group.Accessing your private storage via the band pages interface will stay available for 30 days starting the moment the upgrade of the band founder times out.
    The band page itself will stay available, including the group messaging functionality.
    Bands may be transferred to another band member who can provide the needed storage quota, or provided with storage by renewing the band founders upgrade during that 30 day period.
Consumer right of revocation

As demanded by law, you have the right to revoke your consent to this agreement and step back from your purchase within 14 days after the purchase,
and without the need to give any explanations.
To make use of your revocation rights, please send us an email to widerruf@wikiloops.com and we will roll back the purchase and refund your payment.


In addition to the obligatory consumer rights stated above, wikiloops offers you a 30 day money-back guarantee if you should for some reason not be satisfied with our service.
Just send us a short mail including your wikiloops user name to widerruf@wikiloops.com and we will refund your payment to you.

Please make use of the wikiloops knowledge base if you feel you have a question, or get in touch with us via the contact page.

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