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HD Track Identifier in Remix Tree

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While mixing a wonderful track I looked through the remix tree to try and find an HD bass track. I have to click through each one in the tree to find out if it's available for separate download. Could there be a way to mark them in the tree? I know there's likely not much call for this feature but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Thanks, Dick.

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Interesting idea!
Someone else recently requested a filter within the search engine to filter for tracks which are also available in HD, so there seems to be more interest in this than you might expect...
adding stuff to the dense space of the remix tree is not all easy, but I shall see what can be done, probably best to add little icons.
Once I'm at it, I might as well add a second icon for tracks featuring some chord description as well, both are valuable hints :)
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Yes, chord descriptions are an awesome bonus. That would be cool, too!
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