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Cloud Storage Recommendations

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My cloud provider, Copy/CudaDrive, are closing their service in May :( I lose my jolly nice 30GB of free online storage. So I need to migrate myself elsewhere.

I don't like nor get on with Dropbox. Never have done - I don't like their fiddly way of having to organise file into images, public, etc.. With Copy you just dumped it online in whatever way you saw fit and shared the links if you needed to.

I've had a brief look around and there isn't much else around with adequate storage for free so I reckon it's time to start paying. Logic suggests I just start paying for my iCloud space as I do most of my stuff on a MacBook Pro as well as my iPhone and iPad. Any alternative suggestions before I pour yet more money into Apple's already-substantial bank? I use a Windows laptop for work and have a couple of old ones at home. So I'll be mixing and matching between Apple and Microsoft.
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Hmm, I think I've just answered my own question. It's 79p a month for 50GB on iCloud. I had no idea it was so cheap. One use I put my cloud storage to is for sharing music files for private collaborations plus I use it to hold large HD mixes which don't fit on the 'Loops.
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I am also looking at this, I worry that the USB hardrive I use for backup might pack up one day. But I am only Windows, is there something similar to Icloud for Windows? 79p per month sounds like a good deal
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The new Amazon cloud drive now is unlimited at $60/year. If you combine this with Arq for hourly backups this should be attractive for larger data sets. I've been using Arq on AWS Glacier for my automatic backups on my Mac (also available for Windows), works great as well and is cheaper yet but a bit more cumbersome on retrieval.
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I pay 1.99usd per month for 100GB on Google Drive.
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