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One of my poems: The Jazz Quartet

One of my poems: The Jazz Quartet

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I feel like sharing this poem with you:


[i]The saxophonist[/i]

The secret of making music to me is to love every single note I play.
While technical skills have still their limits
I let my horn sing in its natural voice.
Technique and force are built in seperate hours with endurance,
but when I play I am my own listener
often surprised, sometimes enchanted.
Mistakes? I am not ashamed,
because music is from the heart.

[i]The guitarist[/i]

When I hold the body of my beauty in my arms,
warm and golden curvy Mistress, she was my first love and still is.
Coming from her generous A minor I have learned to take her to adventures
in a whole new range outside the box, exploring universes of sounds,
weaving in and out of harmony. Where is the limit?
There are no wrong notes! Where is the ugly
when you bring it home?

[i]The bassist[/i]

My light shines in the darkness, in the deep,
for there is no beauty without.
Rarely a listener really follows me there where I choose my notes so thouroughly
that go much unnoticed, I am more sensed than heard.
I find completion in the selfless service, holding the space where others shine.
But without me, the building crumbles. And when I rise once in a while,
I sing - the soul.

[i]The drummer[/i]

Time. I do not count, I feel, I am.
I take pleasure in stepping in and out and in between the beats
I am floating in the endless pulse
and I enjoy the greatest freedom because I have mastered the discipline of time.
I'm not confined in only 12 notes, I have thousands.
Time. I do not count, I feel, I am.

(c)Lutz 2015
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Great job! Enjoyed it.
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That is really insightful and beautiful - thanks for sharing it. This is such a creative place - never know what you are going to encounter here - it is very uplifting :)
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Großartig. Die Realität sehr schön in Worte gefasst. Herzlichen Dank, Lutz :)
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Beautiful, Lutz.
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Wade Supporter
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Thanks Lutz. A challenge to live up to. The goal is always to be "in" the music instead of banging too loudly on the door from the outside.
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what beautiful words Lutz and so meaningful too :)
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