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I see a lot of experimental tracks being recorded with really no home for them. I think a new Styles / Genre of "Experimental", would be beneficial.
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I agree, but i think the problem is not genre designations but the concept of genres per se
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i think making enough genre categories is a problem in general.
because there's always more and more new genres being made, just take a look at metal for an example.

Metal, heavy metal, death metal, black metal, blackend death metal, brutal death metal, slamming death metal, technical death metal, deathcore, metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, thrash metal, progressive metal, nintendocore, folk metal... and the list continues forever basically.
(having a shit load of subgenres usually causes arguements between users if said track is not accurate to what the uploader uploaded it as, and what the listener think it is)

the same thing happens alot of other genres. so i think we are better off keeping it simple.
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I have to agree with Pedersen here. There is limits to what makes sense. "Experimental" might be a usefull wildcard-option, tho (similar to the "sequencer"-instrument wildcard), to "warn" users that these tracks are ... rather experimental.
I guess the user experience would indeed be better than finding the same track in any other genre and thinking "now... this is... rather experimental" and start to wonder if all tracks in that genre are like that...
A second argument CON too many subgenres is that you may find "2 hardcore specialmetal tracks found" and feel there is not a lot of content on WL, which would be a brutal misperception to new users.
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