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Jimi Hendrix single track

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I found this on the web, I got to share it with you. A unique opportunity to listen to the single Hendrix guitar track from Axis bold as love (which was always a favourite of mine).

I used to have a mixed tape for my car in the late 80ies, it had Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac etc. on it, and this song used to drive my missus mad, as I used to sing the solo tone by tone. And when I say mad I mean MAAAAAAAAADDDD. I still do this in the car, and she still foams from the mouth when I do :D

So I am delighted to hear this single track, it gives a fascinating insight into this recording and the process. This was not a one take song for sure.

Anyway, click, listen to it and enjoy. And tell us what you think.

[url=http://societyofrock.com/stripped-bold-as-love-hits-hard-as-exclusive-audio-of-jimi-hendrix-jamming-in-studio-surfaces/] Axis bold as love[/url]
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Many thanks for sharing this TG...
I have the same background with the tapes in my car ^^
"Little wing" is the tracks which turned me mad...
He was not only a huge player but a very creative guy...
Thinking on that all his stuff has been done with a 4 tracks recorders...
I do remind "castles made of sand" and its solo part. Recorded it on the right side, then learned it and recorded it on the reversed side.
When reversed again... So unique...
Thanks TG
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It's great to hear his track - it's a small detail but I love 1:59 where you can hear him roll up the guitar volume and the tone goes from cleanish twang to thick and distorted. I wasn't aware of this in the full mix. It sounds typical of a Fuzz Face which has the ability to sound clean with the guitar volume turned down. I think at that time he was still using germanium Fuzz Faces but later switched to the silicon version.
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Roger Mayer used to craft him many pedals. Fuzz, modified fuzz and other ones... I guess you're right LoBias...
Amps at max volume and control with the guitar volume knob...
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Just found that Jimi met Roger Mayer in January 1967 and regarded him as "The secret of my sound" As you say, Mayer modded pedals must have been used. The early Arbiter made Fuzz Faces were very inconsistent in sound and some of Jimi's were either broken or unusable. According to an interview with Mayer, he used these cast iron enclosures for his modified circuits.

The Fuzz Face interacts with the guitar in a special way - normally as the guitar volume is reduced, treble is gradually lost. But going into a Fuzz Face, the tone cleans up and retains brightness when the volume is lowered. For anyone interested in these tones and who is handy with a soldering iron the circuit can be made quite easily. This gets you the standard Fuzz Face, although I'm sure there will be schematics for Mayer versions online. Sorry for waffling about the FF - it's one of my favourites !
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