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Lyricist looking for melody writer

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Experienced lyricist looking for a musician to collaborate on songs. Blues, light rock, indie style.
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Hey islandwrit, and welcome to wikiloops :)

If you are looking for "a" musician, I believe you have come to the right place, but I think you'd be in the game a lot quicker if you looked around the already posted tracks, spotted some people who play a style you like and get in touch with them by commenting or sending them messages offering collaboration -
just a thought how I'd go about :)
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Thanks for the suggestion.
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I would appreciate very if you checked my tracks. I have been looking for an experienced lyricist for a long time
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will do.
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If you like to write lyrics you can use my guitar templates, sorted by date. Most songs have lyrics in german "only". I am a fan of international collaborations :). Have fun.
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Thanks, I'll take a look!
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