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Uploading separate track for mixing

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Hi guys :)

Ok, OlivBee mentioned that I can upload a separate track to be mixed if I want. I've looked around, but can't find any documentation on this.

He said there's a button that says HD when you upload and it can be uploaded there.

My question is, do I export the WHOLE songs as a .Wav or do I just need to literally upload my Bass track by itself? I'm a bit confused as to how it works.

Thanks :)
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You upload the mixed track, and where it says HD you upload the single track in HD or also as an mp3, depending on the size. :)
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Just your bass track for the HD Dm.
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Hello Dmanlamius,

When you upload a new remix you can also upload an HD (only than and not afterwards)
You can upload the single basstrack as a wav so that others can make their own new remix!

Good luck!

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All sorted, thanks guys :)
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you don't necessarily HAVE to upload your sep track (50 meg limit on the HD slot) but it's a nice wikiloops feature that will take the online collab level a step further ;)
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As Oli said, it's not required but it really helps people get a good mix when a stem gets busy! Once lots of people have added their bit and processed it, the mix can start to suffer.
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