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wikiloops member meeting 2016 info

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As I have announced via shoutbox yesterday,
the 3rd wikiloops member meeting
is now confirmed and open for registration from now on.

It will take place in Steinfeld / Germany this year,
which is located 5-minutes-up-the-hill from our previous wiki meetings venue in Urft.
->[url=https://goo.gl/maps/r1paj2ard5n]Find on Google maps[/url]

The meeting itself will take place from
Friday 2nd of September to Sunday 4th of September 2016,
people who would like to come earlier than that or stay longer (p.e. to get cheaper flights) should be able to do so, please get in touch with me after reading the info .pdf which you may download here:
[url=http://www.wikiloops.com/forum/images/wikimeet_3_2016.pdf]info .pdf wikimeet 2016[/url].

Accomodation and number of participants is not unlimited, so get your name on the list as soon as possible if you'd like to come -
should there be too many people on the list, our long term supporting members will be preferred for reasons of fairness.

Looking forward very, very much to this 3rd meeting, and I believe you'll agree the newly chosen site is at least as cool as Urft :)
Have a look at the .pdf, all needed info on how to take part are to be found there - any open questions may be directed my way.
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yes Yes YESSSSS !!! :D
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Great :D

Look at this:[url=http://www.kloster-steinfeld.com/de/kloster-steinfeld] HomePage [/url] of this very nice Location.
Thank you Dick for your effort and the selection, this great place! :)
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Rockin´ in a free world !
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:D :D :D Fantastic news. Thank you Dick! Name on the list!
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Yay! :) Count me in! :)
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COo0 o°L

Superb Place, Bravo for your investigations and work on this (again) Dick and I think It's a great deal

See You in 135 days :)
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Hey, top information for a normal Wednesday!
I'll be there and I'll need no bed, no breafast, but perhaps a taxi, to bring me home.
I guess, the prayers books, if needed, can be found in the monastery. ;)
Thanks for your efforts, Dick!
Life is.
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..i'll be there wether you like it or not.....and no cooking this year.... you lucky buggers:)
can't wait to see you all... and some new faces no doubt.
well done, and thanks dick for finding the place..dunno how you do it! (obviously need a day job)
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I'll miss the cooking, Kimbo! But you'll have more time to let rip on the geetar! :)
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Much looking forward to meeting you all again.
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I think I will show up too. Hopefully a bit longer than last time when my back seized up:|
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This looks like it would be a lot of fun and a very nice location. Well done once again Dick. Wish I could come this year but I'm not giving up yet will have to let you know.
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I'd love to see you there, Rickplayer but I realise it's quite an expensive trek!
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This is tempting...maybe bringing my vibraphone?
Ferry from Oslo to Kiel, then 6 hours drive according to Google...hmmm
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I would love to come but I am afraid it is too far and too expensive for me - I can dream tho - it sounds like a great time!
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I hope there will be a live stream :)
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What fantastic ideas and things you plan for us Dick. This is such a wonderful and personal gesture you have done the last few years. If I win the lottery I will be there for sure... and if doesn't happen in 2016 I will find a way somehow in the future. I anticipate these annual jams to go on for years to come. My mission is to meet and play music with the people I call friends here.
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Well, you know I'm in! Will have squeaky toy with me. Richard, is your alto sax still around/available? If there are any tenors around that would also be great. Trying to make a carry on flight case for the sopranino and a curvy soprano sax. The others are just to big for carry on and too delicate for the luggage compartment.

Wonderful work Richard. So glad you could pull this off.

Three Cheers!!!
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I cann't promise to be there again... but I love the way this tradition is growing... Dick, you are doing a great things! well done again!

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Anyone driving from Paris?
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