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Just to introduce myself and thank you..

Just to introduce myself and thank you..

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I've been lurking around here for past couple nights and also posted some tracks and I would like to share my gratitude of finding such a great community.

I am a hobby bass player in my late 20's, from Latvia, with a normal, hard-to-pronounce Latvian name Viesturs. :) I've been playing bass and other instruments infrequently for past ~15 years, have been in several bands and I am in one right now, music has always been my passion, but I've never taken it too seriously career-wise.
So I've been living in Berlin, Germany for past years, worked the normal day-jobs, have made myself self-employed in music-unrelated business, but every time I occasionally hit the stage, I feel that that's where I belong, that's where I should always be, you know.. the happy place - just like being together with my wife and my dog Fender, or racing down the Autobahn on a motorcycle at 180km/h... And actions have to be taken to achieve that, just like I did to get to the two last above mentioned 'happy places'.

I am a realist and I know that becoming insanely famous with one band and being able to have the lifestyle I want would be, although possible, but still like playing lottery in some way. I like analysing stuff and having a plan, and trying myself out as a session bassist , for example, sounds like a good start to me. Why all this philosophy? Because that's where Wikiloops comes in.

I stumbled across this website a few days ago, I was looking for some backing tracks to play to, just to refresh my hearing, tightness, groove, ability to play and understand different genres cause that's what a session musician has to have. And this thing and all of YOU are incredible! You people are willing to spend your time to do all this stuff and most of you try to do this with high quality. For fun! I'm honestly impressed. Especially (and logically as a bassist) I'm impressed by the drummers - I know what it takes to record and mix drums.

So, people, and Wikiloops creators, thank you for being you, let's have fun together and help each other with their goals! Check out my tracks, PM me if You would like me to play Bass for your track, and if I ever make it as a session musician, my first honorarium for a record session goes directly to Wikiloops donations. /___Signature___/

Best regards,
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What a nice guy!!! Welcome to the Loops! we all do it for the music because we love it! ;) with the kind of attitude you have towards the Loops you will fit right in with all of us crazy Loopers. :D
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Gaidīts Viesturs to Wiki :) Nice to see Latvia present here! Great intro.. and agree with Kells. "Paldies" for the nice compliments on wikiloops.. I agree fully with you! Great attitude and philosophy this site has. Looking forward to your music..
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Welcome to the loops!
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Welcome to the wikilooops
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Welcome aboard, MrFretless!
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Welcome Mr Fretless
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There are a few here who play guitars and ride bikes, welcome to the Loops Mr. Fretless :)
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Welcome to wikiloops :)
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Welcome to the best site on the net, enjoy the time making music and as a bit of advice forget the thumb count or how many times people add to your tracks. First few months here and I thought I was hated and it bothered me, now I know I am hated and could care less ;) joking of course! have fun and enjoy the music!
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Nice intro. Welcome and look forward to hearing your mixes and hopefully not just on Wikiloops if you get to live your dream.
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Welcome Mr Fretless, I look forward to listening to your music.
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Welcome !
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Hi everyone! I haven't been around here for a while, got lost in my work schedule, priorities and stuff, but many thanks for good words and attitude, my motivation for music is back, new Wikiloops tracks are coming soon! Cheers! :)
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Welcome to Wikiloops.
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