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Hey everyone. So, I never actually got on here and officially introduced myself, so I thought I would do that now. Some of you know me on here as JDF. My real name is James, it's been great meeting so many talented and genuine good people on here. I live in the United States, in Idaho. I really do love being on wikiloops and being involved with so many great people on here and look forward to what the future holds on here. I mostly sing on here, but also play guitar, bass and drums and a bit of keys. Anyway, It's great meeting you on here, if I haven't yet, hopefully we will meet soon :)

I want music to be a feeling, not just a sound.
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Hi James, belated welcome ..again..glad to found your wonderful talent in loops :)
Hi! I'm Alice ..Nice To Meet You!
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Glad you're here with us, James! :)
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Hello James, think you´re arived at home ;) Good to know you with us all :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Hi James, Welcome :)
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Finally a name to go with the voice !
A big hello from the great white north.

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