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Tracks Not in Synch???

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Ok I got a question and keep in mind I'm not even 2 months into having an interface, so I'm still a noob! :)

...I did a bass track for a tune Moor sang ... instead of playing along with his track, I did the bass playing along with just the guitar played by Cody Tripp. When I was done doing the bass track, I deleted Cody's track and inserted the track Moor did. I fiddled with it a bit but I couldn't get it to synch up. Instead of spending time fiddling with that, I looked at the "tree" and saw that Alice sang a tune over Cody's guitar back when. So I grabbed Alice's track and pasted it in above my bass track .. it synched up perfectly and I uploaded it.

I talked to Moor about it and he said he didn't shorten or manipulate his tracks in any way.

Can anyone give us (Moor and I) an idea why it didn't synch.

Thanks very much for any info in advance.

Wondering Noob,

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Ok forget it ... I just realized "tenche" the drummer was in the tree just before Moor's addition ... DUH!!! I guess tenche manipulated time in the track length. haha D'oh! Early onset bass player senility. It's ain't rocket science Pudsy!! :P
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And I took the file Tenche added too.. :) Good thing it's sorted now :)
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It's a common problem for HD stems to not line up in your DAW! It's usually easy to sort with a bit of attention but it's remembering to put everything back to the 'beginning' (i.e. bar 1), based on the master reference track before you mix down which I often forget!
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Having a count in on all published tracks helps
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yes, a count in... you know "a one and a two and a three and a four".........
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that's exactly why i do publish a track with a count in in any case ... the count in needs to be an electronic generated sound so the sinusoidal shape makes it easy to align to even after mp3 encoding ...
i am collaborating online since so many years and i can tell the sync can be a real nightmare ... there's nothing more frustrating than receiving a stem that has no sync of any kind and you can't mix it in your DAW because you just can't align it ... needless to say that positioning the stem in the right place (and ESPECIALLY for a singer) IS respecting the musician's efforts and playing ! last thing you want to is kill that ...
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Interesting, thanks for all the replies. Yes a count in .. a one and a two and a ... certainly helps. haha A click on the original entry is nice too. Without that, I found a little trick for myself ... is to stretch out the wave form nice and long and watch as the cursor line in Reaper approaches the first peak of the wave ... I can soon figure out when to hit the first note. That is a pain in the ass though, after taking the time to learn a song and you spend almost as much time trying to hit the first note .. lol. hehehe :)
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syncing waveforms at zero crossings is much easier and much more accurate than trying to hit a peak. Also the zero crossing is much easier to zoom into when using amplitude zoom since the zero line stays in place
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Good points, thanks Nilton.
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The problem of synchronization between different tracks (the HD in general) I fix in Audacity (I guess all DAWs have them) with the tool "move" with her visually synchronize through the beat wave zooming on the waveform and acoustically then perfect timing, whenever there is possibility of synchrony for time, so I have mixed tracks drums of Martin "Master" (mpointon) in other jams with perfect timing, but it requires taking time for adjustment in the editing DAW. Regards

PD with this technique I remixed a track # 60608 sequenced bass and drums in a different jam on the template of Marceys, undoubtedly help of sound/electronic beat previous helps a lot in this task as commented
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hmmm ... very interesting, thanks Glez ... this is a good thread for me!
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