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Have you ever heard the term "big data"?

My personal big data is the number of different female voices available on the loops. It is objective and easy and true to check. I do not mind 10000 uploads but naturally no one can listen to such an amount of big data.

Where are the female singers? Do I miss them? What do all those 10000 singers out there? Don't they know or find their backing tracks? Sorry if I state it loudly but I never hear a new voice. What's wrong?
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I see six question-marks in your post, but I am having difficulties understanding your collection of problems/questions.
Whats wrong? I don't know, you tell us!
If you wanted to say that you would like to see more female singers on wikiloops,
then why didn't you just say that?

If you are wanting to do some statistics, take a calculator and a look [url=]here[/url].
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I think what he wants to see is the ability to search for male or female voices in the search so he can listen to them easier.
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I've tried to understand what the question is.
So I went to the "search" tool.
If you want to listen to "voices", whatever this voice sings with, you logically go to the "search" section.
If you select the instrument "voice", then results are "a cappela" tracks.
So tracks containing "just" a voice and no more (which is already cool to listen to...)^^
If you want to find the singers via the "search" tool, you'll have to include instruments/sequencer, etc..., combinations to your search...
Otherwise, this search to voices would need a specific database...
I guess it would be a hard job ^^

Is it that you were talking about Neronick?

I've also checked out your link Dick... If I search "vocals" whatever the country is, I'm not in the database.
The "radio" could be another way to find voices...
There's a "voice of the month" section.
It's not a problem for me, but that may explain Neronick's post around a singers search.

I guess I've done 9 vocals adds here...
Call me Ghost-singer :)
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