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Scripts (I presume) Hanging

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Every so often a link doesn't work on the Loops - the page fades blue and does nothing until I refresh my browser. But recently - roughly the last couple of weeks - it's got a lot worse with, in particular the 'Show All' link, the 'expand' button and clicking on a jam links regularly locking. The only common theme is that most of these happen from my profile page but then that's usually where I am! It also often happens clicking on a forum topic quite often. I'm guessing its javascript-related.

I've tried 'waiting' as I'm guessing perhaps all the javascript hasn't loaded in the background or something but it seems random (which is not helpful for you to diagnose the problem, I know). I'm usually on a 60+mbps link so I don't think it's a slow internet problem.

I'm normally using Opera on OSX but it happens with Opera on Windows as well as Safari on my Mac. But then Chrome, Opera and Safari are all based on the same webkit, I think...

Just thought I'd let you know and to also see if others have the same problem. It used to happen every so often but now it's happening a lot more, sometime every other click...
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I too have experienced this when clicking on a forum topic.
Do not recall it happening anywhere else.

Windows 10 / Firefox
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Windows 7 x64 / FireFox

And I see the same things happening, even just hovering over the "Show More" doesn't actually do anything anymore.
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